On the bus towards puyo, the edge of the amazon. The bus is like a greyhound, big with comfy seats. The scenery of soft,  rolling mountains is breath taking. The vegetation hugs the mountain side like quilt patches of different shades of green.  Bungalows, a Farms and plantations dot the hills. Grey Clouds heavy with the promise of rain loom above. I love taking local transport and watching the world go by. I read the Spanish signs trying to decipher their meaning. I watch the people walk the streets: selling food, chatting, waiting for the bus and life unfolds like it does in every country.  People are people and whatever race we belong to, we want the same things; happiness and health. Everywhere around the world we work, we eat, we sleep and have our worries and our joys. 

There is a phenomenon that happens on the bus that I am not sure of its purpose. Locals enter at different stops and stand in front of the bus and talk to the audience in transit to wherever.  An older man came on and talked about his madre (mother), 
Padre (father) and familial. I got the idea from bits of his conversation that he was asking for money to help his family.  The passengers   donated money and he got off at the next stop and a young man came on. He wore a shiny Adidas jacket and sunglasses. He presented himself as Luis. He began what sounded like a sermon. Ten minutes into it people are answering questions in unison, laughing, exclaiming: "Si amigos". He showes crystals and pendants and I was not sure what he was saying but he spoke with passion. It would seem like he was selling something but I was not sure about that. I wish I could have understood what he was saying.  It was one of those travelling moments where you are on the sidelines, not really understanding what's going on.   Zoe sits with me and was not sure what to think about him. It was a good moment to discuss non-judgment. 

As we descended the mountains our ears popped and we got beautiful views of waterfalls, rivers and landscapes. We arrived in Puyo safely. Our huts in the jungle are cute. This morning we woke up to an orchestra of birds and insects. How lucky we are to be in this land of lush green beauty. 

At the moment my traveling companions are sleeping and I sit on the terrace absorbing the sounds and smells of the amazon. Wow!  I am so grateful to be here with my family.  

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