My Etsy Shop

Today I sat myself down and set up my Etsy shop.  You might notice to the left the cute little button that leads to my shop.  I created the shop over a year ago and have finally decided to post a few things and see where it leads.  I learned how to create my banner from Gimp.  To modify my photos I use Picnik.  I still have work to do on my banner but proud that it's there.

I have loved photography since I was 15 years old. My first camera was a purple point and shoot. Now I have a Cannon Rebel.  I have always been shutter happy.  Today I took a break from the computer and went snow shoeing.  I love winter, I really do. 



Haley By Hand said...

Woohoo! The shop looks great, keep it up Annie :)

Laura said...

Those owls are adorable! I'm saving my pennies for a new dslr... hopefully by summer I can be trigger happy again (camera recently passed on to camera heaven... ;) )