My Creative Self

To me creativity is an important factor in being happy. It’s living life with passion. When I follow my passions I find myself in the flow of life. This flow emerges when I do simple things like cooking, crafting, reading, when I surround myself with nature, when I write, and connect with people in a meaningful way. It’s bringing something forth that wasn’t there before, it’s reaching through the cosmos and seeing what enfolds.

I never considered myself very artistic. I tried playing the piano as a child and seemed to have no rhythm and I wasn’t much of a drawer. Back then I thought the definition of being creative was one who produced beautiful paintings or played beautiful pieces of music. Now I recognize creativity as a state of being where I am active in creating my reality. It’s taking life by the horns and making exciting, new things come to life! You and me, we are all creative!

Noticing the beauty that surrounds me
sparks up feelings of passion and creativity

My mediums of creative art vary. When I create pieces of art I find myself in a state of being which I like to revisit often. I love to knit, wet and needle felt, I love photography, writing and so much more. The process of creating nothing out of something is very enriching. For example, I love the journey of taking a piece of wool and transforming it into something beautiful. As I needle felt and continuously puncture the wool with my needle, my breath deepens, my heart rate slows and a meditative state ensues. There is a deep sense of satisfaction as I work and the piece of art slowly presents itself. In this state I find myself in the flow of life, excitement and joy swell within me. My mind becomes focused on the rhythm of the moment. It’s not about the project as much as the journey.

Cooking, nurturing my body with nutritious meals feeds my soul

This blog is so much fun for me to develop. With every post I write, I take pictures and feel motivated to delve into my creative self on a deeper level. I am committed to living through my passions and seeing what enfolds and I have a hunch that with each creative endeavor, with each passion I pursue at the end of the rainbow in the pot of gold there will be happiness. Cheers to you!

A project I have on the go


Anonymous said...

You are creative and awesome! What beautiful photos and words.
Love Ann

JP Stories in Bogotá said...

I love this!! Just the other day I was reflecting on the journey... and how the path we take can vary so much -- whether it be through sports, art, relationships, yoga, dance, and so on -- it does not matter. What matters is taking the journey and allowing ourselves to be fully present throughout. Happiness unfolds as we live the life we create... the joy is not just at the other end of the rainbow, it is there each step of the way. It allows us to feel every kind of emotion a human spirit can create.
Beautifully written Annie!! See you in August!!!
With love from Patrycja, Isabel & Anaïs

Anonymous said...

You rock sistah. You are an inspiration. It's so true... I need more creativity in my life.

Let's spend some time together soon. I miss you.