And the winner is...

It is that time to announce the winner to the identification of my mystery plant. Is it a Columbine? Is it Meadow Rue? Is it a tree?
Many people had guessed Columbine when in fact it's a Meadow Rue. While the leaves are quite similar to a Columbine they are smaller and their shape is a little different. Note the difference below. Thanks for all your replies, it's been fun! To unveil the winner keep scrolling down :)

"Meadow Rue"
It's part of the buttercup family and can not be eaten :(

"Wild Columbine"

Who's the winner? Drum roll please (sound of drums) and the winner is......

Tamara Marshall!!
Congrats Tamara. I hope you enjoy your Kanteen.
Smiles to everyone :)

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Tamara said...

Woohoo! Thanks Annie! This was fun!