Connecting with Mud

This weekend we drove the 4 hour drive to Corbeil where my parents live and where I grew up. I revel in bringing my children to the country side. Nostalgic feelings come over me as I watch them delight in simple things like climbing rocks, skipping down hills, and the highlight of this trip pond foraging. Zoe was on a frog hunt. Her excitement was palpable. The green little creatures her prey. They lay in the sun, little heads poking out, limbs splayed to the side. Her hands reached out inches away scared they disappeared in the blackness of the murky water. It amazes me how my children can be oblivious to the cold, wet mud. I admire their free spirits and wish to preserve it, bottle it up for the future when the inhibitions set in.

While Zoe was captivated by frogs, Owen was with mud. He threw handfuls into the pond laughing at the effects of splashing, rippling waters.
See mud flying what a delight!

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