There is something in the air on this day and night of Christmas Eve, an anticipation, and a feeling of something special. It goes way back to when I was a child. Of course I loved the gift opening what child wouldn't but it's not the gifts that stand out. It's the car ride to church. It's those times in the car where lazy snow flakes fell from the dark sky and Christmas carols played on the radio. It's this very simple car ride with my father driving, my mother sitting beside him and my sister and brother at my side that brings me feelings of nostalgia. As I watched out the window as the colours of Christmas decorated people's homes and a feeling of something intangible lived inside of me. Was it contentment, happiness? I don't know it's hard to describe. If time would permit I would now sit in that Oldsmobile and gaze out that window once again. What nostalgic feelings live in you?

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FELT 4U said...

Oh so many nostalgic moments. My father smoking his pipe, wearing his bowtie and driving his hupmobile to a wedding with my sisters and I dressed as flower girls.
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