Not so long ago

Not so long ago my children  ran up to me with open arms and giggled so readily.  Not so long ago cuddles were the name of the game. Not so long ago we shared the same bed, cuddled all night and woke up together.   In these moments I  ignored the fact that moments fade with time and space.  I watched feet grow bigger, hands go from grasping, to eating, to writing and I am shocked at the speed of time. Moments build upon moments and seconds, turn into hours, hours into days and days into years.  This passage of time is out of my control and etched in every line in my face. The moments live in my heart and yet I sometimes yearn to relive them over again, to hold their little pudgy hands,  to see them suckling at my  breast, to hear their first words,  see their arms reach for me with expectant faces, their legs wrapped around my waist.

Now Zoe wears a size 4 shoe which is one size down from my mother's shoe size.  Owen has out grown the shoes I bought him 2 months ago and wears a size 2!   Zoe is tall and looks older than her 8 years. Owen has  elaborate inventions and always trying to figure out the mechanics of how things work. I see them now,  taller, more communicative,  agile and the reality of time and it's passing is evident.  I look at them and realize this is it.  This is my chance to build a strong relationship with my children.  This is the time to truly listen, to understand,  to cuddle, to be present to all that they are.
Tuesday evening I walked into the craft room to Zoe and Owen making these great puppets.  I was tickled pink that they took initiative to be creative.  They were so focused on their task and absorbed in working with their hands.  It was a warm fuzzy moment for me.


JP Stories in Bogotá said...

absolutely, positively perfect. no matter how often i say it, write it, and read it... these words never cease to amaze me. a reminder about being present, conscious and fully engaged in each activity we embrace... most of all our time with our children. And you put it so well... as mama's we do so much growing up!!!
You are a fabulous mama & a creative inspiration.
with love, light and joy.

The GreenLunns said...

Wow! Reading that made me cry. You are an awesome person and I'm grateful that you are my sister.

LOVE those puppets!!