Wowzers that was fun!  Today's Churchill craft sale was great fun!  I met so many nice people.   To my great surprise I sold nearly all of my owls!  It is now the end of the day, kids are all tucked into bed and I must get crafting for tomorrow's show.  I didn't expect to sell so many owls today and need some for tomorrow;s Idle Hands show! 

It is interesting to be crafting and selling.  I am getting an understanding of the energy and manpower it takes to put a product together.  From buying supplies, organizing my working space, applying to shows, making the stuff,  packaging, packing my car up, setting up my booth, selling the stuff and repacking the car!  Wow!  It's a whole chain of happenings to bring handmade arts to people who appreciate the art of handwork and I love it!!! 

A fun aspect of attending shows is meeting other crafters and getting inspired.  The booth across from mine was a sweet woman who created Rainbow Nest.  She hand stitches the cutest play food.  I first spotted her stuff in the hands of little girl standing at my booth.  She was holding a box of what looked like 4 yummy chocolates. Upon further inspection the chocolates weren't edible but play food!  They were so well done they looked real. 
This is terrible but I forget her name!!! Her card is somewhere in my stuff! For now I will call her my new friend!
This was my table.  The little santa elf to the left sold.  It made me a little sad as I had grown attached to him.  Often I mourn the characters that leave my table.  As I felt roving into characters they come to life and I  grow attached to them and even talk to them in my mind's eye. Yes, I have fell under the felter's spell and going over the deep end and enjoying the journey.  Gotta go make more owls see you!

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Karie Ford said...

Ohhh! I am sad about the elf too. I loved him. But I'm sure he went to a good home! I'm coming for an owl at least today. See you soon!