Kub Kars and Cubs

Kub Kars is what being a cub is all about.  A few weeks back we gave each cub a Kub Kar set.  There was a block of wood, 5 wheels, 5 nails and the Kub Kar Rules. Each cub set out to design their block of wood into a car by following the Kub Kar directions with the intention of racing them.  The cubs designed their cars and parents came together with power tools and helping hands to make their designs come to life.               

 The night of the race brought great excitement to the church hall.  Cubs got their Kars weighed to make sure they did not go over the 142 ounces.  We divided the group into 3 weight classes; lightest/ middle weight and heaviest.  

The race track had enough room for 3 kars to race at a time and it was exciting, enjoyable and fun! I truly believe that it's a great experience for kids to make things with their hands.  In our world of everything ready made and accessible it is important to experience that satisfaction of handwork.  The kub kar experience gave exactly that.  It also gave that experience of adult support, encouragement and community. 

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