Morning Yoga

My new years resolution is to do those things which which keep me emotionally, physically and spiritually grounded in order be more patient with the little people in my life. In my efforts I get up in the morning before Zoe and Owen and meditate and do yoga. There is a quality to my early morning rises that I love. My mind is quiet and my surroundings reflect this essence.
As I move through my yoga practice with my breath I get a sense of what it means to be still. Getting up doing my practice is like eating, it is a necessity of life. When I do my Sadhana I am a better mother and friend to myself and others. Sat Nam!

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JP Stories in Bogotá said...

oh so true!! i am still working on carving out this space... and for now finding it within the times i share with my children, integrating yoga into the 'every day'. i look forward with anticipation to that silent space for yoga and meditation, but it's also nice to find it in whatever i am doing. certainly helps when going on so little sleep with wee ones... oh patience. we miss you!!
p.s. love your header, so cool... i want to learn!!