My sister and I were two of the 16,000 fans sitting at the Scotia Bank Centre, waiting to see Oprah Winfrey, last Wednesday night.  Like many of you, I grew up with Oprah.  I watched her religiously every day at 16:00.  As I grew through my adolescence into adulthood, Oprah grew from a trashy talk show to an inspirational program that changed many lives.  It had been a long time dream of mine to go to Chicago and visit this icon of a woman.   When my sister called to say that Oprah was coming to Ottawa and we should go together, I jumped on the opportunity. Thanks Mad!
The excitement in the building was palpable.  The girl sitting to my left introduced herself as Lindsay and she was literally crying from excitement The moment finally came when Oprah stepped on that stage and the crowd went crazy.  We jumped to our feet with screams of delight, happiness and joy.  She had not said a word and yet we knew we were in for a good night.   The stage was simple with 2 comfortable chairs, some flowers and her presence.  We sat in the 200s almost directly across from her.  She looked small on the stage in her glittery purple dress but her face glowed on the big screen.  

Here are a few notes that I wrote down while she talked.  It is but a fraction of her message. As she talked she also went through her life experience, showing photos of her growing up and how she became who she is.

Who are you? 
Her answer: You are divine energy, source, light ...

Why are you here?
To reach your highest potential on this earth, your life is your art.

Keep redefining yourself.

Are you living your purpose? 

To know your calling you have to be still.

Who are you? Have you really thought about it?

I am a whisper in the breath of god.

I aspire to be my connection to source the Same force that made the stars, the sun, the stars, the moon...

You become what you believe.

You are a spiritual being having a human experience.

Do  unto others as you would have them do unto you.

3 laws of motion: for every action there is a reaction.

The energy that you are putting out comes back to you.

Work on being whole.

Gratitude is the one single truth to change the negative from the positive.

I was most impressed by her standing there for 2 hours just talking to us as though we were her long time friends.  She is funny, inspirational and just like us a human walking this Earth figuring things out. 

Yes, I loved seeing Oprah, I loved her message but most of all I loved being there with my sister.  As we left the premisses one of us said something and we burst out into our sister laugh.  We laughed so hard that my stomach hurt.   I love my sister and I love our belly laughs.  Thanks Mad, I love you!

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