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Zoe, Owen, Jay and I are going to Thailand this coming January.  It has been a long time dream of mine to bring my children to Thailand. Thailand holds a special place in my heart.  I spent two years there teaching English.  I taught children from to ages of 3-8. It was  a special time in my life and I want to share the specialness of Thailand with Zoe and Owen.  I want them to know how lucky they are and help them realize how much they have.  We are so lucky here in North America.   We have everything available to us, including opportunity.  I believe that bringing my children to Thailand will give them a great experience for life.  I hope to impart gratitude for all that they have.  

We will be spending the majority of our time on Koh Phayam, a small island on the western coast of Thailand.  This island is surrounded by the Andamin sea, is breathtakingly beautiful and is the home to a number of Burmese refugee children.  These children are stateless and in need of help.  We hope to raise $500 for the Phayam Children's Project.   Our aim is to buy supplies and whatever else they need.   

How can you help?  You can help by purchasing a CD from The Funky Mamas. You have a choice of 3 CDS at $20/each.  Each CD sold will bring $5 towards the Phayam Children's Project.

The Funky Mamas  is a group of 4 amazing musicians. They live in Guelph Ontario and play down to earth children`s music that make you want to dance.  These musicians are truly funky, kind and nice. I am blessed to have them as friends. 

Thank you for helping us, help children in need.

 To learn more about these great women click here.

  Pickin in the Garden- $20 

 Rollin Along -$20

The Funky Mamas- $20

To order CD's you can contact me Annie Bananie at 

 Felted Faces- Needle Felting WorkshopIn this workshop we will learn how to felt awesome realistic faces.   Let your needle create a character that will bring out your creativity.  Your needle felted face would make a great Christmas Tree decoration for someone you love.  You could even make your character look Christmassy with a red hat and a beard for Santa Claus.


When: November 21rst, 2012
Time: 19:00- 21:30
Place: Address will be given upon registration
Cost: $40/ materials, tea and good conversation included.
To register contact:
Needle Felting Kits -$20
Every %100 cotton bag contains hours of fun for everyone.  Your bag of wool contains beautiful wool roving of varying colours, 2 needles and aball felting tutorial.  Needle felting a ball is a great beginner project.  Once you gain confidence you can felt other creations.  With your wool and needle you can get busy felting dolls, food, mushrooms, angels and more.  Your imagination is your playground.   YouTube and Pinterest are great resources with loads of tutorials.
 to order: call: 613-421-0523

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