As you might know I jet setted to Newfoundland a couple of weeks ago.  The trip was awesome.  I was there to help Jay at a Coast Guard Auxiliary Conference in Marytown.  The Coast Guard Auxiliary is a group of volunteer fisherman and boat owners who dedicate their time to helping people in need of search and rescue out at sea.  The conference was for volunteers to learn and train on skills they need while saving lives.  It was a beautiful weekend, spent with beautiful people.

While in Newfoundland I forgot that I was still on Canadian soil. It is  a completely different culture from central Ontario. I imagine it is similar to Ireland with the Irish lilt and even the geography of rolling hills,  crashing ocean waves upon rock and friendly people with stories to tell.  Below are some little clips of my experience.

Sunday morning we had breakfast at Agnes's,a native to Bruin, a small town next to Marytown where the conference was held.  For breakfast we ate toast with homemade partridge berry jam, apple bake jam and and plum jam. It was my first time eating partridge berry and apple bake jam which are native to Newfoundland.  Apple bake are a delicacy and sell at $7/ pound.  They grow on trees which are found in the marshes. In order to harvest you must walk with your bags and boxes as vehicles are prohibited on marsh land.  It is not easy to harvest.

Later, on a sight seeing tour we found partridge berries clinging to their branches.  The plant looked similar to blueberry plants.  We harvested some and popped them right into our mouth.  The taste was sweet and yummy.

During the conference itself I had the experience of learning how to splice rope.  I had about 3 fisherman show me the "ropes".   It was hard to get the hang of it at first but with perseverance I succeeded.

 Coast Guard Auxiliary members had to practice getting into a rescue raft after a boat has capsized.
A paramedic helicopter demonstrated how they evacuate a patient from a boat.
Can you spot the little red guy hanging from the helicopter?  he is being sent down from the helicopter by a rope.
The landscape was beautiful and once again I was reminded how lucky I am to be able to experience different views of life.
Now I am back and more adventures await. This past weekend I started Hatha Teacher training.  I am trained as  a Kundalini yoga teacher  but want to deepen my practice  and my teaching.

I will say more in my next blog post. There is also more to say like my trip to Thailand this coming winter.  This time we are bringing Zoe and Owen and I am excited and cannot wait!Ciao for now!

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