Sometimes I wonder who are the faces that read my blog.  Google stats says that on average 40 people a day check  out Annie Bananie and I am always amazed that people even check in! You can find my very first entry here.  What ever possessed me to  begin writing about my personal life and advertising it on the world wide web?  It started with a little encouragement from my sister who also has a blog: The Bou-Lunns.  It continued with an inspiration to create things and a medium in which I could tell people about me and what I do.  It's helped parents find out about my daycare and what I do.  It's helped me find people who like to gather with their community and felt. I have also enjoyed creating headings, pages and learning how blogs link to other blogs and find like minded people in the blogging community.  There is a whole cyber world out there and I love using it as a tool to connect with others. 

Since October is the month of gratitude and we just happen to find ourselves in this very month, I would like to bring gratitude to you my readers.  Thank you for checking in.  It really makes me smile to see that I can bring something to you, whatever that may be. 

Gratitude comes in many forms.  I feel gratitude for all the families that have come through my door.  For the children that I have given birth to and the children that grace me in my daycare family and the children that I see in my everyday life at the store, at the park and walking down the street.  Children are beautiful beings that teach us so much about patience, unconditional love, creativity, spontaneity...and on it goes.  Sometimes in our parenting frustration comes up and it it not the child imposing that frustration on us but us who is feeling powerless in handling the situation.  In this form children teach us to look deep within ourselves, to learn and find our way.  For those times of frustration, I am grateful.

On our registration form for Cubs we were asked what is your religious affiliation?  Well I was born into a Catholic family, had my first communion in grade one, got confirmed in grade 7 and went to church every Sunday.  In grade 7/8 I even read the reading.  I still remember my cheeks getting beet red as I red at the podium in front of the congregation. Although this was my introduction to God, I have found my own way to God that is different from my parents.  

Late in high school I stopped going to church and was surprised that my parents did not press me towards attendance.  In my early twenties I read the book "Living, Love and Learning" by Leo Buscaglia.  This book was the catalyst for the beginning of my spiritual journey.  He spoke of love in a way that made me step out of myself and realize that life does not revolve around me.  From that book I began to devour books on different spiritual beliefs and concepts.  When Zoe turned 1 year old I took Kundalini yoga teacher training and within my practice I found for me a way to feel that space within me that is bigger than life, that is connected to all that is.  For me spirituality is living from my heart.  Living from my heart signifies acceptance of myself and others, kindness and generosity, respect and forgiveness.  Spirituality is that space within me that reminds me that I am but a spec in this universe, that together we create individuals, families, friends, communities, cities, countries, the planet and beyond.  So in this month of gratitude I am grateful for my breath which brings me closer to that space of connectedness.  For yoga which heightens my body and breath awareness and brings me closer to living from my heart.  I am grateful for walks in the woods, swaying trees, a gentle breeze, coloured leaves, rocks and plant life.   Do you know what I replied to the religious affiliation question? I replied: "Mother Earth."

I am grateful for so many things and could keep going but life outside of cyber space awaits me.  I leave you now with some photos of a walk in the woods but a few weeks ago.  May you walk in gratitude with your breath and an open heart.  Happy Thanksgiving :)



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