Another one bites the dust

The night is dark, the ghosts are out! Children love this night of dressing up and of course going door to door and collecting evil, sticky, sugary, candy!!! This year Zoe being obsessed with Harry Potter was Hermione and Owen was Batman.  I swear he was nearly flying from house to house he was running so fast.  We trick or treated with friends in our neighborhood and it was so much fun.  I have such fond memories of trick or treating as a kid and love living these moments with my own children.  It seems like others share the joy of watching kids be kids as we met up with many smiling faces this evening.  It's great to see all the houses all decked out and in their horrific glory, goblins, skeletons, cobwebs and spooky, wooky stuff everywhere! Here are glimpses of our week in hallowe'en preparation.
Happy Hallowe'en  Moooahahahahah!  Boo!

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