The Funky Mamas

My life is truly blessed. Wonderful experiences keep coming my way and with each experience I learn, learn, learn. Oh! How I love learning. This weekend I had the honour of meeting 5 wonderful women. You might have heard of them as The Funky Mamas. Their band consists of the violin, electric base, guitar, banjo, mandolin and beautiful voices. Their music is geared for young ears and enjoyed by the older folks alike. It's fun and makes you want to dance.

These women met when their children were young. Together they were inspired to play together and eventually became a group. Throughout the years their group has evolved to publishing two CDs and putting on concerts. This weekend they had a concert here in Ottawa at St. Paul's University. It was a hit with 300 dancing fans. Way to go Mamas!

I was lucky enough to spend the weekend with these fantastic musicians. What really stood out was that they are all sincere, down to earth women. I felt inspired to be around music. I listened with fascination as they jammed. I watched their fingers strumming cords creating sounds of joy and felt inspiration well within.

Being around music all weekend got me inspired to delve into the world of music. I've always thought of myself as a non musician now I am ready to move through the block that my mind has created and redefine myself as a guitar player or maybe ukulele player. Let's see what evolves. The new year is coming and I will discover my inner musician.

The Funky Mamas will back in May! Yeah! check out their website at: If you have young kids and don't have their Cd, it's well worth it. Their music is catchy and will make you want to dance, also it feels good to support our Canadian artists. Go Mamas Go!


MamaT said... are so beautiful in so many ways - thank you for being our new friend!

love Mama T

Anonymous said...

Hi Annie,
It was an honour to meet you and discover some of your wonderful layers. The felting mama, photography mama, yoga mama etc....
I am really looking forward to spending time with you again.
Love Kate

Anonymous said...

You and the mamas are the coolest girls anywhere, anytime. Love, Jbong

The GreenLunns said...

Cool pics! So glad you're having fun!