A verse of Gratitude

I get comfort from my daily rituals. My daily yoga practice keeps me grounded, my morning tea gives me comfort, my evening bath nurtures me, evening reading time with my kids makes me feel connected. Without these rituals I would feel scattered and ungrounded. Rituals are a daily necessity for well being. For these reasons our daycare children experience daily rituals. Lighting a candle before meals is a great example of this. The flame of a candle is warming and magical, it's light is a reflection of the light that lives within all of us.
Before each snack and lunch we light a candle.

To begin we start with this verse:
"Little candle shining bright, share with us your golden light".

We always show gratitude with blessings for our food.
This months blessing goes as follows:

Children hold hands around the table

"Thanks to the Earth,
thanks to the sun
thanks to the rain
for all they have done
to bring me my food
so strong I will grow
and loving in life
From my heart I will

we raise our hands to the sky :)

Please share with me your favorite rituals. The ones that nourish your soul and keep you steady on your feet.

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