Our Backyard

Our backyard is not huge by any means, but it is enjoyed by all the children.  My favourite part  are the tree stumps, planks of wood, bails of straw and bricks.  These items are used daily and at any given moment there is someone building, climbing, balancing, and even helping one another navigate the labyrinths that were created by their very hands.  

 In my opinion these have more value than the stationary play structures you find at the park.  These movable pieces give the children a chance to create, to build, and organize their own play environment.  In this way, they problem solve, work together, and gain confidence as their skills improve.  It is a joy to watch them, especially when the older children, help the younger ones.  This is where unorganized play, creates the building blocks to learning.

I love the above picture, and the one below.  It was taken a couple of weeks ago.  On this day Lukas and Lucia played for a long time walking in the circle of planks that they had built.  They laughed great big belly laughs, and enjoyed themselves tremendously. 

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