Ivan has striking eyes, they shine bright green.  This photo reminds of how children are always looking at us, to set the example.  They are little monkeys, and the saying: "Monkey see, monkey do" definitely applies to them.  They imitate us in our strengths and our weaknesses.  This is one reason why we must parent with awareness, and truly know who we are.  It doesn't mean that we must be perfect, but notice our imperfections, or moments of frustrations and talk about it with our children.  If we are frustrated we can say: "I am frustrated right now."  If we had a moment where we raised our voice and behaved poorly, we talk about it.  In this way they learn how to deal with their feelings, they become self-aware themselves, and learn to talk things through, when things get difficult.  

Children are watching our every move and act as our mirrors, as to who we are.  They are our little buddhas and with awareness, discipline and compassion we can learn from them and ourselves.  We most also remember, that they see all the good that we encompass, the love, the understanding, and the sweetness that we project into the world. 

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