Wilbur The Singing Tree Bear

We have a new friend at daycare, and his name is Wilbur.  He is so cute, and cuddly.  He is a stuffed bear, and he takes turns visiting our Singing Tree friends on the weekend.  He has a passport and a journal.  Here is a journal entry for his time spent with Libby.  

Dear Journal,

When I first found out I was going to Libby's house, I was a little bit scared.  I heard that she has almost 50 dinosaurs living in her house, and I thought they may try and eat me! But her dinosaurs are very nice and I had a great time playing with them and everyone else including cookie monster! I even played with another bear.

"Here, I am getting introduced to the 50 dinosaurs."

"Here, I am with all of her other friends."

On Saturday morning I went to gymnastics where Libby and lots of other kids play on mats and jump on trampolines.  After that, we went to the park and Libby covered me with leaves in the pool.  Nobody could see me!

"Look how big that chalkboard is!"

In the afternoon we went for a bike ride to Landsown market park, I climbed up the ramp, drew with chalk, rode in the bike basket along the canal and ate our snacks by the water....crunchy apples.

"Here I am on Libby's bike. "

What a great time! I can't wait to visit my other Singing Tree Friends house's. I am one lucky bear :)

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