Reset Button

I just came back from a month in Thailand.   It was a much needed retreat from school and the hectic pace of my life here in Canada.  Basically, I (Jay was there as well) swam, read, ate great food, had massages, did yoga and revelled at the simplicity of life, in a hut on the beach.  I've come back refreshed, and with a new, but old perspective.  My time away living a simple life reminded me, of how I love to be creative.  How photography, felting, and writing make me happy.   This remembering, of my love for creativity has me feeling rejuvenated, and I have promised myself to stay creative.  My plan is to go delving into those creative mediums, to challenge myself and see where I can go, to hopefully break through new ground.  This means that I will be writing more blog posts, so stay tuned!  I leave you now with a few photos of the tropics.

View from our hut, I know right? 

The book that had me enraptured.  It's a true story, and I highly recommend it.

Thai food is to die for. 

The sunsets are amazing.

The street food is interesting.

The waves rocked my world. 

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