Happy 2012! We did it, another year has and we are healthy and happy!  I love the dawn of a new year with new promises and new beginnings.  If this year is as fantastic as the end of 2011, we are in for a great one!
Here are some glimpses of our holidays. 

Here are the Boudreaus, my family in the house that I grew up in. Together we gathered, laughed and enjoyed one another's company. It is always nice to be with family who love you for all that you are.  You can see Owen there smelling my armpit.  For some reason he doesn't enjoy group photos. 

Avery did that great leap from crawling to walking.  Here she is gaining her balance on unsteady feet. I love how children fall and get right back up with no judgment, no embarrassment only the drive to try again.   As adults we can use that as an example.

New years brought us to a beautiful cottage near Gracefield Quebec.  We shared the living space with 3 other families and it was magic.  The children and adults got along and worked together side by side smoothly and effortlessly.  As we all sat surrounded by a big table for our meals or to play cards, I imagined living in community.  I imagined us living together, helping, and sharing in our lives.  It definitely agreed with the children as they got along so well with no fighting.  Young children, older children and adults co-habitating side by side in harmony.  It was truly beautiful. Not only was there a beautiful vibe among the  people but our surroundings were of such beauty that filled one with gratitude.  All around us big pines trees laden down with snow, a winter wonderland.  We took advantage with skiing, sledding, and snow shoeing. One warm afternoon the children spent 3-4 hours outside building snow forts.  This brought nostalgic feelings for my own childhood of forts, tunnels and creative snow play.

Here Zoe is reading books to Samara.  Samara had the unfortunate happenings of bumping into a tree while sledding.  Fortunately she was ok.  It warmed my heart to see Zoe snuggled under the blankets, reading her a story. 

Zoe and Kiah who have been friends since 2 years of age share a passion for drawing. 

I loved how the adults enjoyed playing, listening and being present to the children.  

May your 2012 be most amazing with lots of sparkles and magic. 

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Fine Hand said...

Happy New Year Annie! what a lovely family you have...blessings to you all