These are the smiles that grace my life. They are my children and I love them so.  They surprise me, impress me and at times anger and frustrate me.  Through them I am learning so much about compassion, love and understanding.  Never would I have known that motherhood would change me to the depths that it has.    Thanksgiving weekend was a wonderful time for us. We had those moments where things flow with ease, smiles shine and laughter rings through the air like a wonderful melody that tugs at your heart strings.  Our dance of mother and child was one of love and understanding.

We spent time in my childhood home in Corbeil, Ontario. It was great to spend time with my parents who are aging.  It becomes more and more apparent that living in the moment is all that we've got. The future is unpredictable but the moment very tangible.
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The GreenLunns said...

Great pics!

inspired moments said...

OH MY. What amazing faces. And I love your words... It truly is a dance of mother and child. It changes us in unpredictable and amazing ways. It breathes life into our souls and has the capacity to make us undone in our own frustrations. It is life in the moment.
I needed to read your words and they came at just the right moment. Thank you my friend.