This past weekend I found myself behind the wheel of my new car driving highway 7 to the 37 followed by the 401.   It was my first time driving on the multi-laned highway to Toronto. By the time I arrived in Guelph I had aged a few years and was white knuckled.  I was so proud of myself for doing something I had previously feared.  
I arrived at 18:30, just in time to make my 19:00 workshop which was a great success. We had 25 felters and a good portion were girls from the ages of 8 - 18.! It was beautiful to see their excitement as they opened up the doors to creative activity. They were so proud of what they made.  As the evening progressed and the dolls took shape a nice energy of companionship was formed.  
What's beautiful about giving these workshops is seeing works of art unfold and watch friendships form as people are absorbed in their handwork.

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