Our Space and Creative Play

We have simplified our toys and got rid of the ones that were not being played with. We kept all natural toys and it's amazing to watch the transformation as the children begin to use the simpler toys in a more meaningful way. I love watching children at play when they are focused and connected to their creative spirit. We provide a lot of open ended toys like silk scarves that can be anything the imagination will allow it to be, a skirt, a cape, a table cloth, a river, a flag in the wind and more. We offer these toys so the children can broaden their minds and keep that gift of thinking outside of the box. Blocks are also a fascination as towers, castles, houses, airplanes and machines are built. It is the pleasure of creating that keeps the mind focused and strengthens creative thought.

We have this little wooden box which I didn't know what to do with. It stayed on the shelf empty and for the moment I thought useless. When I got back into the room a doll laid in it, with a bean bag as a pillow, covered by a silk scarf to keep it warm. A baby cradle what a great idea! I am always learning from the little people in my life.

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