It's November and this is when I take a break from the world and retreat. At night I do bed time routine with the kids, take a bath and curl up under the covers with my book. In all of that I am working on feeling guilt free from my lack of productivity, things have been put on hold and that's ok. I hope you are well. :)


karie said...

Oh Annie Pants. I miss you sooo much. What I wouldn't do right now to hunker down with you and a big cup of tea in the bare of November - love you! xx

JP Stories in Bogotá said...

keep that guilt-free feeling and enjoying being whatever, wherever, however... it's the best way to be!! you are amazing!! we miss you.

Anonymous said...

Guilt Free;
That's the way to be;
Time out helps you to see;
Some things are better than ghee!!
Hee Hee

That's my poem;
Cause that's all I know-em;

Can't do a headstand;
So I will just play in the sand;

Maybe finding a beach;
Will be easier to reach!

There she goes;
She's off to Barbados!!

Hugs and smiles
From Juanita