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 We've been doing some cleaning and creating around here. Our back play room has been transformed into a magical forest.  Jacqui and Zoe painted a great big tree, sun, stars and moon. It transformed the whole room and looks so beautiful. I love how the tree sits in the corner.  Zoe felt so proud to be able to be part of the art work.  I was proud of her too. She is growing so fast and lately I have noticed a leap in her development.  She knows where babies come from and astounds me with her views on life.  In fact this weekend she told me that she registered us for the talent show at her school!  In a couple of weeks I will be on stage hoola hooping with my daughter!!! I can't believe it.  I've been practicing like a mad women.  It's been a great bonding experience for us.  Zoe chose the song "Fireworks" by Katie Perry to hoop to.  I am quite enjoying this adventure.

This is Jacqui painting stars and she is a star herself.  I love working with her, she just shines.  I must say that the women I work with are most fantastic and a good vibe lives here.

Owen painted the outside fence different colours.  I must admit that last night's rain did wash most of the colours out.  He is also growing fast. 

Today being Monday we got ready for our week by grating cheese, washing apples and pears.  I am loving this weekly schedule as it really helps us out during the week.  Apples all washed and ready for a good munch, cheese all ready to be sprinkled over pizza, pasta and whatever else takes our fancy.  Working like a team is a great community feeling.

When lunch is finished each child scrapes their left over food into the compost bin.  They really do love helping out.  It makes them feel good about themselves and part of our team.

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The GreenLunns said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! That is gorgeous and I'm so happy my kids get to be part of this lovely vibe! xoxox