My Inspiration

 The Earth Day Bash Talent show is this coming Saturday. Zoe and I have been practicing our hooping moves for the big occasion.  I am having fun connecting with her through hooping.  She is good at making that hoop move from her waist to her neck and back down again.  She runs, kneels while keeping the hoop up
and is proud of her accomplishments and so am I.  She inspires me to keep learning and I love watching her grow.  At 9 years old I see signs of her slowly moving into puberty.  It seems so early to me but the signs are there which cannot be ignored.  I learn so much from her and she gives me the gift of self-reflection and growth. 
As Zoe gets taller and her mind develops I am reminded of me as a little girl and how confusing the world can be. I am reminded of me and my own mother's relationship which was rather fragile. I am doing my best to stay grounded and be there for her emotionally.  It is so easy to be physically there but to be emotionally present is a gift that I must aim to give.


The GreenLunns said...

Love it!

JPStories in Bogotá said...

OMG... amazing. Zoe will need to teach Isabel and Anaïs how to hoola like that!!! way to go!!!