I try not to complain about the weather  but today mother nature has me frustrated.  I am yearning for those hot days where we slip our shoes on and find ourselves outside in the hot sun.  So maybe today I am feeling a little wet from the cold rain and feeling like I want mother nature to speed things up.  All that said we have had some nice days where we were able to eat outside. I love eating outdoors not only because the kids love it but because it makes clean up time that much easier.  All the crumbs can be left on the floor for birds, squirrels and other little creatures.
Our lunch ritual is the highlight of my day.  We gather around the table light a candle and say a little prayer of thanks to the sun and Earth.  We all hold hands and say:
Earth who gave to us this food 
Sun who made it ripe and good
Dear Earth,  Dear Sun 
Thank you for what you've done.

We end our prayer by raising our hands in the air with an exclamation of: "Blessings on our food!!!"  Do you have any rituals you'd like to share?

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