Easter Egg Fun

We had lots of goodness on Good Friday, our early morning brought us delving into decorating boiled eggs which we later gave to our family who came over for supper.  Here is a little tutorial on how to make natural dyed eggs. It is so fun and easy.

Boil some eggs.

Use beeswax crayons or crayons and colour your hard boiled egg.

Watch as the heat of the eggs melt the wax when applied. 

We used egg cartons to help us hold the hot eggs. 

To make natural dyes we boiled 3 separate pots of water with 3 tablespoons of white vinegar.  For yellow we mixed Tumeric in one pot, coffee for brown and blueberries for blue.

We let them soak until they turned into our preferred colours.

Our project finished with hiding our gems around the house for our guests to find.  Since they were made with everything natural some people decided on eating them!

Happy Easter! May you have a hoppy good day!

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