Moon Dolls

Handmade Harvest is less than a month away and I have promised myself not to leave things until the last minute.  I have concrete memories of procrastinating until 2 weeks before a show to find myself scrambling and stressing out.  In order to attain all that I want to make I have given myself weekly goals. This week I aim to finish my moon dolls.  These dolls stand about 5 inches tall and are meant to sit in an inspiring spot in your home.  They are totems that evoke different characteristics.  Please, let me introduce you.

Meet Little Miss Sunshine who brings in the light of the outdoors and casts a warmth to any room.  Her glow spreads through every dark corner.  She evokes happiness and like the sun that brings new growth she evokes that in others.

Here is Earth Girl, steady, strong and grounded within herself.  She knows where she is going and feels confident in who she is.  She symbolizes the strength that lives within all of us.

This white haired blue dressed woman is called Wisdom of Life.  She has a wealth of experience and is wise beyond her years. To look at her you realize that all the answers you are looking for are within you.

I hope you find these as cute as I do. After spending so much time felting these dolls into form, I fell very invested in them.  Each doll comes with it's own card featuring the doll and her characteristics making it a great gift.

If you are a woman I suggest you watch the video below.  What a great message!


Karie said...

Annie you r dolls are gorgeous. I love them - feels good to be on top of things doesn't it? NO, seriously, I'm asking does, doesn't it?

Fantastic message in the video too. I love Emma Thompson. She rocks. I watched it with Sam - told her to always remember this message - your natural self is perfect and to love it for all it's inherent beauty. She asked me if she could put on her lipstick (chapstick).

The GreenLunns said...

LOVE the dolls and their unique personalities! They are cute just like you sistah!

Love the message too.

Haley Byh Hand said...

Eeek, I love these dolls! And the idea of having a little card to accompany them is great, people are going to snatch them up :)

Great message in the clip too. I'm getting there. Everyday accepting myself more and more. I have been talking to a lot of my aunts and friend's moms lately and they all say the same things. Learn to take care of yourself, don't people please your way through life, be KIND to yourself as much as possible. I want to learn that lesson now not 10 or 20 years from now like so many women...
ps: I have everything all ready for Handmade Harvest...ready in my mind that is. Gotta get a move on :)

Michelle said...

Beautiful dolls! And loved the video ...posted it on my fb too. xo