Thailand and Me

Ok, so I have been a little lame, lamo, el lazy on the blog front.  I have a good reason and it's that my head is swimming with preparations for my trip to Thailand.  Yes, you read it right, Thailand. On February 23rd at 09:00 a.m. this girl is jet setting to the other side of this planet.  For what?  Well let me tell you that I have been dreaming of stepping foot onto that piece of exotic land ever since I left it 10 years ago.  I left part of my heart there and I must go retrieve it.  To tell the long story, I spent over two years there.  It all started in 1997 when I got married and took an 8 month honeymoon. My husband (who is no longer my husband) and I  had the great idea of putting all our belongings in storage, leaving our jobs to become traveling gypsies, not the traditional honeymoon but hey I am not a traditional girl.  We landed in Indonesia travelled overland to Singapore, Thailand, Loas. On our return to Canada our gypsy blood still boiling we decided to fly right back over and teach English in Thailand.  I loved teaching Thai children it was a most amazing experience.  We stayed there for 2 years and saved enough money for 3 months in India and flew back home.  Upon our return to the land of maple trees we figured out that there was a little zoe growing in my belly.  So now you know zoe was "made in Thailand".  Of course with new life growing inside of me we had to set some roots down and let go of our gypsy life style.

So much water has passed under the bridge since then and that's another story that I am not willing to tell, well not yet anyway.  This year I turned the big 40 and I am following my dream of returning to the land of smiles.  Seeing as I am half way to 80 I promise myself to live big, think big with a big heart.  The most challenging thing about this trip is leaving my children and daycare for over 3 weeks!  Yes, you read that correctly 3 weeks!!! Can you believe it?  Sometimes I find it hard to believe it myself and am ridden by guilt then talk myself out of it.  I will be bringing a big bag of wool with me to help spread my love of felting.  Stay tuned as my travels will be logged onto this blog as I go.  I only leave next week so stay tuned for more happenings from this side of the globe. Toodles...

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Karie said...

Annie!! I'm so excited for you. You must be just itching. Go guilt free girl - and trust that your kiddos will be experiencing a wonderful adventure of sorts too, with the comfort of knowing their momma loves them madly. Yey!!!