We are all born with creative thought.  If you watch a group of children there is not one who does not move, think, talk with creative intention.  As we age some of us start to forget this infinite gift.  Giving workshops is so much fun not only because I get to share the joy of felting but because people leave with joy for having tapped into their creative process.  Here are some dolls created by Theresa a fellow felter. I love the Rasta woman above :)  Theresa also answered some questions below.  I hope life is treating you well and thanks Theresa for sharing with us.

When did you start felting? 
December 2010 at the angel and Christmas ball workshop.

What is it about felting that inspires you?   
The idea that anything can be made with the wool and a needle; imagination is limitless.

What do you do with your finished products?  
It depends on the creation and if it was specifically made for someone.  If not, by the time the creation is finished it will find a home…it just happens. 

You have been to  a few workshops and what brings you back?
I keep coming back for the company, to learn more techniques, and, of course, to buy more wool!

In my experience working with my hands feels very healing, can you relate to this statement?
Sure can.  It is very healing.  Felting is a complete creative process.  It may start off intending to be one thing, but end up being something totally different.  The repetition of the needle going in and out is very meditative.  It’s great.

Thanks for sharing Theresa :)

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