Moments Falling into Time

Moments tumbling into moments stringing along creating a lifetime.  Inhale take a breath, exhale and time has passed, live for the now in every breath for one day it will be your last.  A little morbid but true.   I am now 40 half way to 80 and I am not sure where time has gone.  It seems only yesterday that I was running through the fields with a child's abandon and a gift for the moment and yet I sit here and the ache in my knee, the stiffness in my back and kink in my neck reminds me of my age and the passage of time.  Today and everyday is about quietening the mind and delving into what is here for me in the presence of time.  I use all my senses to feel, see, hear, observe all there is to live.  I step away from my mind and find the nectar of the here and when time tumbles into time and my 80th birthday comes around I will have savored every experience and know that I have truly lived.  Live for today tomorrow is but a moment away.

I leave you now with these glimpses of moments lived here in this home.  I also leave with this wonderful link to an article called "Parental Bliss Takes Time".

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