I am Canadian

I love being Canadian and living in a country where we can experience all four seasons in their full expressions.  Having children has like so many other things revived my love of winter.  There is nothing like that sweet fresh winter's air while playing in the snow.  This weekend was no exception.  We had a skating party on lac St. Antoine and it was fun, fun, fun! Saturday morning we cleared off a good sized rink.  It was hard work and we worked as a team and got it done.  There was a little moaning and groaning coming from little people and they persevered and  reaped the benefits later a we skated, played hockey and had so much fun with our friends. 

Owen fell in love with hockey.  We made two teams mixed with adults and children.  It was so beautiful to have the adults encouraging the children.  Owen was so proud and his chest puffed out with pride by the minute.  He is a natural.  I was really proud of him and loved watching his focus and perseverance.  He fell in love with hockey.   I saw a light of passion spark up in him.  That night at bed time he said: "I am good at playing hockey".  He felt really good about himself.
Lacing up my skates always brings me back to memories of my dad helping me get ready for ringette practice. He was the best at tying up my skates nice and tight.  I found myself on a pair of skates on many occasions for many years of my life.  I grew up in a hockey family.  I have very strong memories of my father and his friends hunched over their chairs leaning into the tv watching hockey night in Canada.  It was inevitable wherever you were in the house you would hear "He shoots and he scores!!!!" yelled with enthusiasm and joy. 

 By far the best part of the whole affair was gathering with friends.  It's true, when we come together as a group and do something together and feel connected to people we feed into our well of happiness.  The party was on Saturday and still today on this Monday morning I am glowing from my great Canadian experience.
Happy Monday to you all.


Haley said...

Love this Annie! My kids just started skating this past few weeks and it's been so nice heading out to the rink near our house after school. It does make you feel nostalgic and proud to be Canadian :)

Karie said...

Sorry we missed it Annie sounds like alot of fun. Now a swimming party I will never miss...!!