Inspiration often strikes with a flood of creative energy, ideas layered upon ideas.  Other times creative inspiration dwindles and I am left searching for inspiration elsewhere.   When I look around inspiration lives everywhere from fluffy snow falling from sky, to a warm cup of tea, to a hug and so much more. Children are also my inspiration as they laugh out loud, play with passion, draw photos with perspectives that the corners of my mind can't go.

In these pictures the children created a circle game where they wanted me to photograph.  In my adults eye I couldn't figure out what the game was about but I could discern a circle of friendship and companionship.  I love their spontaneity and love of life.  Today I take inspiration from these beautiful souls.  I am also inspired by these small gnomes and tutorial by Fiona Duthie.   Enjoy :)

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Haley By Hand said...

Beautiul Annie. So often my kiddos are laughing like crazy and I have no idea what's so funny - but their laughter is infectious and soon I'm in hysterics too:)