Wednesday's bring me to Zoe and Owen's class room to teach a 30 minute yoga class. I love teaching these classes. The kids really get it.  At the beginning of class things are a little chaotic especially in Owen's class and by the end the children are centered, focused and the stillness in the room moves me.  Together we create a meditative energy.  This week we talked about gratitude and how being grateful for what we have is a key to happiness.  At the end of class we had a sharing circle and shared our gratitude.  Children are insightful and I love hearing their answers: "I am grateful for my family" "I am grateful for  my education" "I am grateful for the food I eat" and so much more.

So if gratitude is one of the keys to happiness why is it that often (especially this time of year) I fall into a state of mind where I am less grateful?  The cold of winter and darkness of night seems to bring out the dragon that lives inside of me. I start pounding myself with thoughts of not keeping a clean enough house, thoughts of not taking care of myself enough, thoughts of being a bad mom and so much more.  So I have decided to practice what I preach and start really evoking that sense of gratitude for life.  For this next little while I am dedicating Friday's as gratitude day. I will post 5 things in which I feel grateful for.  Seeing as today is Friday here is my first 5 things of gratitude:
I am grateful for Sun rays.

 I am grateful for self expression.

 I am grateful for sleep.

 I am grateful for adventure.

I am grateful for music everywhere.

Happy Friday to you and please do leave a comment with what you feel grateful for.
Smiles to you and yours.


Michelle said...

Awwww!!! Happy to see Samuel beating the drums. I am grateful that my son is in your, Zoe and Naomi's care, and is able to play, learn and be creative with the other children there. :)

Fiona said...

Annie! Such a wonderful post! I just came over here, after writing my new post....on gratitude! lol!No big surprise that we are thinking along similar lines! I'm planning on making a button and starting a gratitude blogging day- where we all can link and post about what we feel grateful for in the week...what do you think? It would so nice to share and read about the big and small experiences that give us that feeling of gratitude. Lovely to read your post!