The Happy Planet Index states that the first element of happiness is to connect with others. I must say that this statement does resonate with me.  I definitely feel happy when I am socializing and sharing with my children, in a group of people or with a good friend.  In my busy lifestyle I am often so preocuppied that I forget to call that special someone,  or make plans,  and so on.  In this new year I vow to strengthen my existing relationships, develop new ones and of course connect with that deeper part of me.  I vow to stop, take deep breaths and really see my children for who they are, growing beings that need lots of love, understanding and compassion.   In order to facilitate my mission I turn to my yoga practice which allows me to connect with my breath and those deeper parts of me facilitating my relationships with others.

This weekend I was definitely successful in my new quest for deep relationships.  We met my sister, nephew, niece and friends at the Arboretum sliding hill, went skating and attended Zoe's good friend Lila's birthday which involved a lovely sleigh ride.  Magical fluffy fat flakes of snow drifted from the sky which definitely portrayed elements of a fairy tale.  Although we were very busy I feel very recharged and well yes connected!

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