Manifested Dreams

 A few years back when Zoe was still a baby I dreamed of what I am living now.   My dreams were of a place where I could teach yoga and give felting workshops.  At that point I had dancing images of smiling people getting inspired through yoga and crafting.  It's now 6 years later and I have a big room, painted red that's ideal for a small yoga classes, daycare and workshops.  I love making things and I love teaching others to make things.   It always amazes me when my dreams manifest themselves into reality.  My moving here came to me effortlessly, things just seem to be falling into place with ease and grace.  I truly feel blessed.  In yoga we say that when you are living your truth, things come easily.  This must be my path and I am enjoying every step of the way.

I hope you have a most fabulous weekend.  I will be away from the computer these next few days, spending time amongst the trees in Wakefield, skating on a lake, snow shoeing and taking life at a slow pace.  I leave you now with felted creations by last night's felters.
Take care and see you soon.

p.s. Click on the Workshops icon above for details on February workshops :)