Wednesday 08:30 a.m.

Here I sit on this green couch at gate 16 with a knot in my stomach and a lump in my throat. I haven't even left yet and I miss Zoe and Owen.  In 30 minutes I will be stepping onto that plane which will bring  me thousands of miles away from them.  What was I thinking?  Before waking them this morning I gazed at them in their relaxed state of sleep and felt such love.  I am going to miss them dearly. Guilt is a strong emotion and I vow to leave it here on this green couch to be picked up on my return.

Toronto airport - 11:30

This is my first time flying alone. In the past there has always been a man at my side.  This is my journey, my graduation, my birthday gift to me.  I promise to myself to let go, have fun and be in the present.  To get to this point in time the puzzle pieces fell effortlessly with ease, almost as though fate was grinning at me saying "Annie, it is meant to be".  Thanks to everybody who made this happen for me.  I am in great gratitude.

I know that I am getting closer to Asia when I see sitting on the floor an Asian man sitting cross legged on the floor using his suitcase as a desk when beside him there are ample available seats. The knot in my stomach has now turned into butterflies.  I trust that my children and daycare family will be happy in my time away :)

Rattling Tin Can - Time - uncertain
Wowzers! First class is amazing!  We each get our own little pod.  What is a pod exactly?  Well it's my very own individual compartment with tv, a chair that turns into a bed, pillow, blanket, bathroom kit with toothbrush, tooth paste and other goodies.  I am happy as can be sipping champagne - yes chapagne- can you blieve it? Her  in first class I am addressed as Miss Boudreau and treated like a princess. 
 My seat - first to the right

Upon arriving onto the plane I got so excited that I exclaimed to the Asian woman accross from me "This is cool, eh?" Either she didn't know what "cool" followed by an "eh" meant or my excitement was to much for her because her reply was a flustered smile and a shift in her seat.

I must take this moment to thank Jay. If it wasn't for him I would not be sitting here going 790 km/hr in the air flying over Siberia, heading towards Thailand.  See you there Jayman!

It is now 11:30 at night in Bangkok.  For you it is 11:30 in the morning. So while you are working doing what you do I am getting ready to have a walk around and try to sleep.  It feels great to be here, there is a familiarity and the people are graciously nice.  Tomorrow is a venture out to the market and then a flight to Suratthani the town where I lived from 1999 - 2001 teaching English.  I hope all is well in your world and see you soon!

Thanks for checking in!


The GreenLunns said...

Awesome! Loving hearing about the journey. Wish I was WITH YOU!! Maybe someday in our late 50s we could do a trip together. :) Say hello to all those awesome Thai people we love. xoxoxo

Karie said...

Champagne in the pod. Told you you'd love it! There's no going back now Bananer. LOve you...soo excited for impressed you are already blogging! xxx