Island Life

Greetings from the sandy beaches of Koh Phayam off of the western coast off of Ranong province in beautiful Thailand.  I am having a marvelous time and am so grateful.  I have visited my friends in Suratthani where I use to teach.  It was like I had never left and yet so different.  I have so much to tell but at the moment I have no time but to say that life is beautiful. I am meeting the most amazing people from all parts of the globe.  We are staying in the cutest hut on top of hill overlooking lapping waves and surrounded by beautiful flowers, banana and rose apples.  Today was about long swims,walks along the beach and so much gratitude.  I am living at different rhythm with no concept of time, the day or date.  My cue is the rising and setting sun.  In the dead of day the heat gives you the impression of melting and at night a beautiful breeze blows through like a sigh of relief.  I am writing like crazy and will one day share all these wonderful experiences of growth and letting go. To Zoe and Owen I love you and one day will bring you on an adventure of this sort. To my daycare family I love you and can`t wait to share my tale with you.  To you the reader I hope life finds you well with many blessings.


The GreenLunns said...

Glad you are having so much fun! Say hello to the Thai sunset and sea for me. xoxox

Karie said...

Oh Annie. I know where you are and I can't wait to get there myself. Soak it up baby. You sound so happy and relaxed. xx