Letting Go

The morning is fresh and the sing song of birds tell me to rise from my bed.  I lay out my yoga mat on our big wooden balcony overlooking the sea.  I tune in with Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo, close my eyes and find that space within.  Yoga has been my early morning practice.  While I sit, stretch and breath hornbill birds perch in a nearby tree. They sit in pairs of twos with their long yellow bills,  they soar from tree to tree.  In my romantic mind they are love birds flying together singing each other songs of love and commitment.

 Hornbill lovers

 Scenes from our Balcony

In my yoga practice I am suppose to keep my eyes closed but I am drawn outside of myself, in awe of my surroundings, big thick rubber leaves, fuchsia pink flowers, geckos and the colours in the sky as the sun rises to the occasion grasp my attention.  I am less enamored with the busing mosquitoes as they find their landing strip on my arm, leg, and all those juicy parts my human flesh, a reminder of the ying and yang of life.

My yoga practice is over and I climb into my bathing suit for the first swim of the day.  The fresh morning water caresses my skin,  I revel in the buoyancy of my body as I lie on my back floating, looking up into the sky.  These weeks are dedicated to self-care and letting go.  I am doing well in both departments.  I feel good, I feel alive and my heart is open.

 beach find

What I like about travelling to 3rd world countries is how it opens my mind and gives me the feeling of the world being my oyster.  Everything is possible and I can be all that I can be. As I see people riding on motor bikes with no helmets,  pee in toilets that don't flush but need help with a bucket of water,  and experience new things I tap into the realization that there is no right or wrong way to live.  There are no concrete answers things are  just as they are.  When I go with the flow in acceptance of what is true in the moment I find a certain satisfaction.  The simplicity of living in a hut  that only runs electricity from 6 pm - 11pm and with minimal belongings I realize the lack of importance in things.  Our hut is in the jungle, perched on hillside overlooking the ocean blue water.  I am more attuned the rhythms of nature, to me this is paradise and what I miss about living in the city.

Taking it easy

Yesterday while sitting on a bamboo platform waiting for my turn to play volleyball I met a Canadian man.  As our conversation got deeper into our origins we discovered that he grew up down the road from me in my small home town of Astorville.  My father coached his hockey team and my cousins were his favorite play mates.  I barely new this man and yet after our conversation I felt like he could be my brother.  That is the beauty of this planet, it is so big and yet so small.

 Paul is to the left

Today we are mope-ding around, yes, with no helmets (sorry mom) and touring the island. There are no roads here only a sidewalk path.  There is a smile on my face and I am relishing every moment.  I hope you are well.  My sister says that Zoe and Owen are doing great which is a blessing for me.  I am grateful to you Mad.  I love you sista!

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The GreenLunns said...

I can't believe you met a guy from Astorville in Thailand! What's his name? Sooo weird.