A few people have asked me if it's hard coming back from my adventure to Asia.  I must admit to having one day where I missed the simplicity of living with no computer, phone, electricity and cold bucket showers.  What missing cold bucket showers?  Yes, I did.  I will tell you that 3 weeks of cold bucket showers gives you gratitude for hot showers and I miss those reminders of not taking things for granted.  I missed the sound of crashing waves, sunsets and let's not forget Thai food.  Jet lag was also hard to over come as last week my body would wake up as early as midnight ready for the day. 
 As sorry as I felt for myself on that day, I love my life here in Canada.  I cannot help but look around at the beautiful faces that grace my life and feel gratitude for all that I have.  While traveling I am always reminded of one thing and it's this:  "It's not where you are but who you are that counts".  Wherever I go my mind follows so the secret to my happiness is a healthy mind with a healthy perspective.
 When I left there was snow on the ground and the thermometer read 25 degree below zero.  Upon my return spring has come and I feel rejuvenated and ready to celebrate this turning of season.  Our plans are simple lots of playing, singing and decorating our nature table. This morning a friend dropped by with planted hyacinths.  The pot sits on our nature table and we will soon be decorating our little corner with butterflies, fairies and so much more. 
 There have been lots of super heroes flying about these days, saving the day.

 I really noticed that Samuel has grown a lot during my absence.  He has so many more words and soooo cute.
 I missed Zoe and Owen and spent a great weekend reconnecting.  We haven't missed a beat!

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Bonita said...

I love what you said about it not mattering where you are, but who you are that counts :) Thanks for this reminder! I'm smiling and my heart feels warm after reading your story and seeing all these smiling faces :) Hugs, Bonita