Spring has Sprung

Spring is here and I am skipping and a hopping!!! Yahoo! It's time to celebrate! Snow is melting into puddles, crocuses are pushing through soil, birds are chirping and the days are longer.  What a great recipe for a smile on my face!  Hip, hip,  hooray!  I know you share my enthusiasm. 

Mother nature is starting to express herself in my favorite ways with new growth and lots of promise.  I have the spring fever and in the mood to do some creating of my own.   I have been organizing my work space and getting ready for a felting blitz. This weekend I am kid free, boyfriend free and have a date with lots of wool. It is time to get ready for Handmade Harvest.  Let the creativity flow!

If can't tell from the above, I am having a most awesome day. It started off with spending time at Lady Evelyn with Zoe and Owen followed by teaching baby and mom yoga at Rama Lotus.  This is such a special class. I so remember attending this class when my babies were born.  It's a great way to connect with your newborn and other mom's.  After class I met karie, we had lots to catch up on.  Check out her shop! Very cool Karie and nice chatting with you!  I plan on having some new items in my shop very soon.

For your felting needs don't be shy to contact me.  I have a wall of wool in an assortment of colours. I have needles, offer workshops and am full of ideas.

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Karie said...

Love our Wednesdays. Go girl!!