Visa Run

As my trip slowly comes to a close I am savouring every moment in the sea, every morsel of food, every sunset and so much more. A few days ago we went to Burma for a visa run.  We took the speed boat to Ranong and from Ranong  a long tail boat to Thailand's neighbouring country, Burma.  As soon as we got off the boat there was a different vibe, the buildings a little less polished and things a little more behind the times.

We hired a moto taxi that drove us to the nearby village of Poolow Ton Ton.   The main dirt road was lined with little shops selling candy, food and daily necessities.  Foreigners don't go this way very often so when the locals saw us they started coming out of their shops smiling, children followed our footsteps with little giggles of fun.

We walked across wobbly wooden planks that formed a lane way for wooden shacks on stilts hovering over water.  Two boys played below, floating on a big plastic block, waving up to us with big grins.  They used a long stick to push themselves through the water.  Burmese faces peared out of their windows and people gathered.  There is an innocence about these people, a beauty and kindness.  With children at our feet I began to teach them a song I would teach  Thai students while teaching in Surat.  We went through our numbers 1 - 10.  They repeated after me.  Next I sang the song "One little, two little, three little finger (to the tune of one little, two little, three little Indians) and soon the children began to sing along with me.  They had a sparkle in their eyes.  One little girl held the beat by tapping her foot to the ground.  It was magic.  I loved seeing the simplicity of their lives.  It brought back memories of my travels through Laos so many moons ago.  I wish that Zoe and Owen could have been there with me.  I wish they could have seen these magical children and what very little possessions they had.


It doesn't matter what colour your skin is, what possessions you have or what country you are from.  We all want the same things; happiness, good health, family and prosperity.  Here on the Island there is a mixture of nationalities Germans, French, Canadians, Australians with different accents and languages.  There are many great people to meet with great stories and this diversity really opens your mind.

With 4 nights left by the sea, I am making the most of every moment.  I am breathing in the moment with gratitude and appreciation.  To all of you back home I hope this finds you well. I look forward to seeing you next week!


Karie said...

Enjoy the last few days Annie. Can't wait to see your photos and see your face!

The GreenLunns said...

Can't wait for you to come back. Missed you so much. Made me realize that we need to hang out more often. Can't wait to hear about all of your adventures. xoxo