Thai Massage

Last September I celebrated my 40 birthday which seemed to correspond with more aches and pains in my body.  My knees hurt, my legs get achy and my neck holds knots of stress.  So I am quite happy to be here in Thailand where Thai massages are but $10.  Our friend Oiy who is Thai but lives in Canada 6 months of the year is great with her hands.  When she is done with me I feel like I can fly. 

Thai Massage is an ancient form of healing.  It's origins comes from Buddha's time and developped by the Buddhas doctor. I like to call it lazy man's yoga as the practitioner presses into your knots and stretches you in different yoga poses. I love it and so does my body.  These days I am feeling younger by the day.

Last night I had a dream of Zoe and Owen. I don't recall details but vividly remember the ache in my heart as I miss them so much!!! When I see children I long to be able to hold mine. 

Thai food is amazing and I am appreciating every morsel from barbecued chicken, papaya and mango salad to seafood and so much more.

Not much time to type but I hope all is well with you :) and that the sun is shining if not outside at least in your heart.

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