Wet Felting and Wed By Hand

Saturday's workshop was sooooo inspiring.  I love watching others express themselves through handwork.  Every workshop at least one person comments on how healing it feels to work with the texture and softness of the wool.  It's natural fibers are so soothing and relaxing to the spirit. This was the first wet felting workshop since my moving to Little Italy over  1 1/2 years ago.  It was a wet affair, lots of work, and fun. 

The process begins with laying down the fibers as a painters canvas.  I always begin with white.  From there I layer the fibers with colours and slowly watch things unfold.  I love how in the beginning of a project I might have a certain intention for my work and love how it always unfolds with a life of it's own.  This is where I find my joy in working with my hands the surprise of what I can make and the sense of accomplishment it ensues.

Laying down the fibers creating lines, spirals and circles is one of my favorite parts of wet felting, letting colour work for me and trying to keep an open mind to the possibilities.

The wet felting process begins with a bottle full of hot water and  3 squirts of natural dish soap.  Before sprinkling the liquid over my design I like to stand back and have a good look at my work.  Once the water hits the wool and starts binding together the fibers really change and transform giving it a different texture and feel.

Once you've wet your project with the water and soap you are ready for friction.  Here you roll up your artwork with bubble wrap and towels, facilitating the fibers to bind.

I love seeing what comes out of the whole process. This is where I get loads of inspiration. These workshops go beyond learning a new skill.  It is about gathering with people and connecting with others.  It is about working with your hands and finding that creative thread that lives within all of us.

Sunday brought me to Wed by HandsKarie from Rehash and I shared a table and it was super fun.  Wed by Hands is an alertenative wedding show featuring local wedding planners, photographers, crafters, bakers and more.   Our table was super cute and one of my favorite things displayed was this sweetheart couple below.  Karie felted the bride and I felted the groom. It was so much fun to work together on this project and we are so proud.  Many people were enamored with this newly wed couple.   Click here to view the flyer that describes our products and workshops catered to couples taking their vows.

In this busy weekend I also had some time to relax and take things easy. It snowed over the weekend which made for a beautiful snow shoe through the woods with branches laden with fresh snow, so pretty. Zoe and I went for a jaunt in the forest. It was  a nice thing to do together and I hope to do more wit her.

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Face to Grace said...

Hi Annie,
I really enjoy your blog and how you described the felting process. Great photos. Will also check the Wed by hand website.
Samyukta Blanchet