Sunshine in my heart

I have been keeping my word to slowing down and taking life a little easier and feel the better for it.  Even though the last few weeks has kept our sky grey and murky,  there it sunshine in my heart.  I have to give the credit to yoga.  Last weekend I did yin teacher training. I hadn`t done a training in a long time, it felt so good to be back at it.  It felt like coming home of sorts.

Yin Yoga is a beautiful practice of holding the posture for a 3-5 minutes which stretches the fascia in the body and makes you feel so good.  We live such a yang (active) lifestyle that yin (relaxing) balances it out quite nicely.  I have increased my home practice and notice that my thoughts are less on worries of my audit and more on the moment and I must say that the moment is good, really good.  I feel lucky to be living the life that I live.   We have the capacity to change our thought patterns.  Things that we have been told are truths and what we believe to be true can be changed.  It is in our power to change. For inspiration on believing in yourself and the power of change.  Watch the attached video it is amazing.

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