A New Project

Once upon a time there was a white house that sat on the edge of a small lake in what appeared to be in the middle of nowhere.  This house was owned by the church and served many functions.  For one  it held summer camps for boys and girls.  In the summer months the echo of children playing in the cool lake water echoed through the trees.  A big room held rows of bunk beds, a separate building housed a huge 6 burner stove to provide food to hungry bellies.  This 2600 square foot building also housed young girls who were with child out of wed lock.  In those days (over 70 years ago), it was a sin to be pregnant with no husband.  To solve the "problem" girls would go away from their community to give birth and give up their child for adoption.  The white house was one of those places where they would find refuge in the pregnancy months. 

Once the church no longer owned the property it sat dormant and unused for many years. Later it was owned by a family who ran their ebay business from it.  And now in this very present, it is being revived by Jay, Randy(contractor) and I.  It is getting a new face lift. It got leveled so it now sits straight and proud, it is getting new windows, new shingles and so much more.  I am so excited about this project, it is sooooooooooo much fun and a dream come true.  What will we do with the white house once it is restored to it's glory? That my friend will have to wait. For now watch the development unfold and later find out what history will evolve within the walls of this very interesting building that sits on a beautiful lake.

Do you have any guesses?


Mia said...

Fun tastic! So looking forward to see it shine!

Shannon K said...

How very exciting! Congratulations. I look forward to watching the dream unfold. Enjoy!

Michelle Crawley said...

Wow! Exciting! A space for yoga, meditation or crafting retreats? :)