Disgusting Work

Gutting is a disgusting job...
Gutting and giving The White House a new life is a lot of work.  Today we took down some walls and got rid of the 50 year old insulation.  The stench of mice urine and feces was atrocious.  With every armful of the stuff, dust particles flew into the air and the smell overwhelming,  it was not fun, not one little bit.  In fact it was the most disgusting thing that I have ever done.  And this is coming from someone who has changed a lot of dirty diapers.

I take my hat off to people who do this for a living.  It is the most toxic thing that I have ever worked with.  We wore protective gear such as face masks, gloves and glasses and still it seemed to have penetrated into our lungs, to have stuck to our clothes and to the inside of our nostrils, just gross!
 The room we were working in today has pigeons living in the ceiling. As we worked at removing the junk from the room we could hear the pigeons above our heads in distress.  They must be wondering who in the world is disturbing their home.  Unfortunately for them the ceiling will soon be coming down and so will their home.  Unfortunately for them and unfortunately for us as that will be another gross  disgusting job.

There was lots of "stuff" left behind from the previous owners that need to be sorted, thrown out, donated and organized.  I cannot believe how much "stuff" there is.  Let's begin with floating devices.  Between the floating chair, water trampoline,  blow up whale, blow up boat, floating mattresses, we could have a party of 30 floating on the lake at the same time.  There are 4 dehumidifiers, boxes of odds and ends, and some bits and pieces that I do not know where it belongs.

 Do you remember the 1972 Russians vs Canada Hockey Game?  Where Paul Henderson shot the puck, scored against the USSR and Canada leaped for joy.   I was 2 years old and although I come from a huge hockey family, I am unfamiliar with this hockey event.  Do you remember it? This game is a strong childhood memory for Jay. He remembers being in grade 5, watching it in the school gym on a small black and white television.

Why am a reaching to the past?  Well the previous owners left behind hockey posters and hockey cards from that game.  There are about 1000 posters and 120 boxes of French Hockey Cards.  Do you know of anyone that would want them?
Picture of the posters and cards are soon to come.

He shoots he scores!
A little side story...
I pride myself for being born into  a Hockey family.  Hockey night in Canada was  a regular event in our household.  I have vivid memories of my dad and his friends leaning in towards the tv, barely breathing waiting for a potential goal.  When there was a goal the leaning men jumped off their seats with a: "He shoots, he scores!".  The echo of their joy rang through the house. Often on those hockey nights my father would ask me to make him popcorn.  He would say that I was the best popcorn maker and  I loved hearing those words.  

I can still remember our popcorn maker.  It was one of those Vintage Hamilton Beach Butter ups. You might of had one just like it as a kid with the big orange/ yellow see through lid. It made the best popcorn.
Speaking of Vintage we have made some great finds today. I can't wait to share those with you.

Stayed tuned for my next blog post.  I will write about hosting the Guruganesha band here at Jay's.  They are arriving tonight. We have 7 beds made and looking forward to having mantra singing gurus around.

Have a listen to the band.  They are highly uplifting.

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